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Fun Vocabulary Game for All Language Lessons with No Prep – 10 Words

10 Words Vocabulary Game for All Language LessonsFast-Paced, Fun and Competitive Vocabulary Activity for All Language Classrooms

If you are like me and get flustered easily when things aren’t working well at the beginning of your language lesson or you have a few minutes to spare during an English, French, German or Spanish lesson, try this fast-paced, competitive fun vocabulary game for language lessons out with your groups.

This topic based vocabulary game for language lessons:

  • is a relay-race
  • has a competitive element to get all students in your class involved and stay on task
  • is absolutely no-prep
  • can be used for ANY topic
  • is suitable for most levels (probably any level higher than CEFR A1.2)
  • takes around 5-10 minutes to play

Resources Needed For This 10 Word Vocabulary Game:

  1. whiteboard
  2. whiteboard pens (x 2-4 and a couple spare if they run out!)
  3. students in two – five groups (depending on your whole group size)

Instructions on how to play this no-prep vocabulary game in the language classroom:

10 words relay race fun vocabulary game for language lessonsThe aim of this fun and competitive vocabulary game for language lessons is for your team to be the first to have 10 topic-related vocabulary items on the board which are original (i.e. words that the other teams don’t have).

  1. Put students in groups so that they are facing the board in some sort of visible group: small circles, rows, lines etc are perfect
  2. Give each team a white board pen and ask students to give themselves a number (Number 1 goes first).
  3. Provide students with a topic or theme. For example: clothes, food items, prepositions, adjectives, connectives, time phrases etc
  4. All teams play at the same time. Number 1 in each team goes to the board and writes one ‘original’ item of vocabulary down which is directly related to that theme on the board, with the correct spelling.
  5. The next person does the same, until 10 words have been written by the group.
  6. After all members have taken their turn, they must re-start their turns. If there are any repeated words written by any of the groups, Number 1 must rub them out and start by replacing one of the rubbed out words with a new related word which the other teams don’t have.
  7. Repeat until the team who has 10 original words shouts ’10’!

I hope your classes enjoy this fun, competitive vocabulary game to practise topic-related vocabulary. It’s ideal and will keep your classes busy and focused for at least a few minutes, revising topic related vocabulary!

If you need some more inspiration for fun vocabulary activities to practise vocabulary in an entertaining way in the language classroom, you can find plenty more vocabulary activities for language lessons here too!  Try some of these vocabulary activities out in your classroom or let me know how you have adapted them. Do you have any other suggestions for additions to add to my vocabulary games for language lessons repetoire? If so, please do leave a comment below.

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